The Orchard House is fully Insured

If you are a restaurant owner or are planning on opening a new restaurant business it can be an exciting time for everyone, however, it is vital that you are always protected. The Orchard House is a fully insured restaurant covering our premises, owners, and staff employees. Every decision is a new adventure and you are one step closer to living your dream. Many people overlook their insurance and can sometimes not have enough in place in order to protect the business. One bad accident in the business could lead to serious financial troubles and could affect you in the long term. The restaurant industry can sometimes face hazards from slippery floors, cooking hot surfaces, incidents in the restaurant with guests, and much more. So, therefore it is essential that you protect yourself, employees, customers, and the business. So, whether you are opening a small or a large restaurant or even just a small diner you must have the right cover in place to protect you and your business. So, let's look at the types of insurance you need to cover your restaurant.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability protects you if an accident occurred on your premises causing property damage or injury to a guest. You are covered if someone makes a claim against you for bodily injury from a slip or fall on your property. With customers consuming food in your restaurant a case of an allergic reaction or food poisoning may occur so it would be essential to have general liability insurance in place to ensure you are always protected.

Property Insurance 

Property cover will insure all the belongings you own in the business. The belongings could include the building itself, restaurant equipment, and furniture. In the event of a fire, theft, or storm damage all your kitchen and restaurant equipment will be covered. Many insurers provide restaurant businesses with endorsements such as food spoilage cover.

Workers Compensation 

Worker’s compensation insurance covers your employees which includes chefs, waiters, cashiers, etc. In the event of an accident occurring on your premises. The insurance will cover medical benefits and wage replacements for injuries on the job. No matter how safe you are accidents still do occur at work. This cover is mandatory if you have more than 5 employees which would generally be the case if you are running a restaurant business.


Commercial auto insurance 

Commercial auto insurance covers vehicles leased, owned, borrowed or rented by the business. Vehicles that are used for event catering, deliveries, and other work purposes will be covered. How much of this insurance you will need will depend on how much you use your vehicles for these jobs and the type of establishment you have.

Alcohol liability insurance

Alcohol liability insurance is provided to those who own a restaurant or pub with an alcohol license. If a customer injures themselves or another person from consuming too much alcohol on your premises you will be protected with liability insurance. With most insurers, this is a mandatory insurance policy if you have an alcohol license or own your own restaurant or bar.